Thursday, December 29, 2011

The fly over states

I really never knew that they were called the fly over states--I feel sheltered :/

Anyway states, flying... and really nothing of the title have to do with this post :)

I figured I didn't mention all that much that AMP was doing 2o2o now--Surprise! I decided probably 2 weeks ago enough was enough! I was going to be a quitter and that's all that was too it. I had to do some major prep talking to myself to actually convince myself, but I did it. Trust me I have tried to quit things quite a few times--my prep talks are stellar :) Perty persuasive may I add.

After 2 sessions of doing the lame ( yea it is lame now because I could get it to work ) RDW thing and it was and fail after fail AMP said NO MORE! Literally she did. I couldn't imagine the words coming out of her mouth if she could talk- it's a good thing she can't, she would make a sailor blush. The last rep I did she went down the board, leaped of course, and went to her toy and stopped. I told her to get it and she stared at me. chirp chirp. I tried to tell her to get it again and she sat and just looked at me. Pretty sure she had LOTS of screw you thoughts rolling through her brain. That's when I sighed and said fine we will just give up- naturally she brought the toy back to me--brat :) Really I am not heart broken I am more...relieved? We have something concrete now that she likes, I like, and were all happy :) well when she actually does the 2o2o that is! The reasons TO have it definitely were outweighed by the reasons to NOT have it!

AMP is being a crazy little rockstar and we just continue to work on our start lines and all the other skillz we need :) She gets to trial again in 8 days :D SOO excited! Love running my little mustang!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


AMP is a rockstar!! I think she is one rad little dog :) She is running some tricky international courses in this video--so yea..she is just perty awesome! I am very happy about my decision with the no RDW! Jinx's is enough at this point and I feel much peace? idk if that is the right word sounds kinda odd, but I don't regret the decision lets just go with that :)

She is fighting with running on these mats due to just lack of experience-- she'll figure it out in no time I am sure! She likes to dig in and run and these mats she has to think a bit more-mwaaha!

Anyway- she did GREAT and I love her :) Have I mentioned that before?! tee hee

*** oh and and and....I managed to get music with the video! makes it that much more exciting or at least no crickets chirping now!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My creative side :)

The decision was made that it was time to make a pretend lowered DW. Trust me this mornings session screamed need HELP! I did just that :)

after some cement blocks, a table, a teeter, and a step, voila you have yourself a pretty dang good lowered dogwalk, minus a board of course. She did fairly well :) I started like always with a little back chaining and then worked with her at the end of the first board to get the speed into it. I rewarded more than the ones that are in slow motion because I felt she needed her confidence built more than anything about running across the board. It paid off in the end when she had a couple really nice hits :) I think that there might be light at the end of the tunnel for this idea :) I feel sort like Einstein now!! Ok maybe not quite....

Then I added a little bit of weaves at then end :) She is doing left sided weave now!! Hooray :) It was a bit sketchy whether she was actually going to get that side, but she did!! She is still changing up her striding- does a stride of swimming, two step, bouncing, so it will just take time for her to get it figured out :) I am not too worried she gets nice and low and is moving along as a decent speed- it'll come!

I also am trying a new idea with the running A-frame that I think might work, but I don't want to overdose on the RC thing, so you will have to wait for that one :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Alright I couldn't resist going out there and doing at least a little bit of the RDW. I really just want to get it trained, so the only way to do that is push through the bad days and keep on going :)

I tried to just keep the session short though and make it very successful :) She did very good and all ended well :) I know that the biggest road block for her is going to be adding the speed in because she is going to want to just run and leap! What AMP does best! Hopefully we can just keep working through it though :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We all have bad days!

Sadly my computer is being lame and has decided that making a video is just not gunna happen today, so I will try again tomorrow. For now you can just read about it :)

Honestly though you are missing just about nothing! AMP was apparently not feeling the RDW thing. Started with a few up close ones and she was even having a hard time hitting those, but we got a few in, so I went to trying to go a ways back ( I added another bale) and that was worse yet. Went back close and she was just not driving to the toy hardly at all :/ I basically just got 2 good ones and then quit because if she isn't driving to the toy there really is no point in doing it.

I think she has hit the point of burnt out. I understand her feeling. We have done this fairly consistently for the last 19-ish days and that is enough to ware even the most motivated person out. We will take a break for a couple days and then come back to it when it is a bit more fresh :) Breaks are good!!! I will update when we return to our normal programming!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Up Up and away!!

New height = SUPERB :)

I am really starting to think she gets it..for realz! woo hoo!

She does great when she is close or has 2 feet on the board and she did really good one time running and jumping on the bales to run the plank, but the next time it was a huge leap. It is just to the point on being too high to do the running and jumping on thing :( Which is a problem. I can't just keep doing it with her right next to the board because she needs to learn to hit it coming in with speed as well. Sooo yea not really sure what I am going to do yet. I will think of something though :) Overall I am really happy with how well she did at this height and some of her hits are with four feet which is totally awesome! Most of her misses happened because I was trying to figure out a spot for her to get more of a run at it, which was becoming a major fail.

Sunday, December 4, 2011



She fell off as you will see so I moved her up to being on the bales again to get a good one to jackpot and end on :) I am sure next session she will be fine!!! Were moving it on up next time :) :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shame on me!

10 out of 13! WOW! AMP is just kickin' this heights booty :) She did pretty dang good this morning!!! I did about 3 with her having to jump on the bales and run down the plank. She did fairly good, but was tripping since the bales aren't very stable, so I didn't do very many like that :)

After watching the video I felt I could have held out on rewarding a few and waited for better and deeper hits, but I will try better next time :) If it goes well next session we will be moving on up!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Doo da doo da :)

Happy dance Happy dance :D

My dog is supa kool :) Second RDW at new height and did an AMAZING job!!!!

Started once again with some back chaining (not as low) and then tried doing a couple reps with her being just slightly off the board and it wasn't going good. Did two with her 2 front feet on and then decided what the heck and tried having her further back. I truly thought that the further back was gunna be a no go, so many naughty options for her to choose, but she rocked it!! :D Had 3 very nice solid hits!! GO AMP :D

I suppose I should highlight on some other things we do. We don't just train RDW...ok well mostly we do ;)

Her weave poles are also coming along nicely. She has lovely entries- she just gets it, I have never really worked them or trained her into understanding she just got it- nice :) However left sided weaves her nearly the enemy. Poles 11 and 12 that is :/ She was pretty convinced that 10 poles was enough on the left side, so after two sessions of pure badness on the left I split the poles into two 6s (not sure why I didn't do this right away- banging head). Did that like 3 times and then pushed them together and ding! She got it :) Now we will just proof our heart out on that side!! As far as her striding goes she is still trying to get that all worked out. I thinking she will single stride without a problem. She already naturally gets low (it's quite cute) and she doesn't want to bounce step, so I think she will start swimming, which is what I would like her to do! I will video tape sometimes so I can really see what she is doing :)

Teeter-oh teeter! AMP= no like bang noise. Great probably the worst thing to not like about the teeter. I watched Wendy Pape's teeter video and took some of her ideas and am mixing them with what will work for AMP and I think we have got a good mojo going :) She drives really nicely to the end of a supported full teeter! She <3 P.butter :) She self taught her 4 on position basically so that we have no issues with :) The bang we are just trying to make less of a monster and more fun! Oh course then last night I was doing teeter practice and then went to do tunnels and she comes out of the tunnel the one time, crosses behind me and runs up the teeter--:O %&#$^#^ Of course THE princess is expecting there to be globs of P.butter and it not to tip well neither of those were true :/ Hopefully the gracious amounts of treats I gave her will make her think it was cool rather than scary :) Crazy dog!

Hmm what else- oh yes jumps :) For a girl who had a pretty shaky jumping start she is sure lovely now!! Her serps and threadles and wraps and back side jumps are marvelous!!! Unlike Jinx she is so willing to jump into me which is great, so I don't have to get the tow truck like I do with Jinx to crank him in ;)

All in all we are making progress and enjoying our lessons learned and fun had :) I guess putting your dog who doesn't know all the equipment on a DAM team and want to go to Nationals with is a good motivator!! :) We will get it all put together some day soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Switch-a-Roo :)

Today was the day that......AMP got to do a new height dogwalk :) WOO HOO! Ok it isn't that ooberly exciting minus that I am glad that were done with that last height since it was getting kinda frustrating! ;)

Once you see the video you will notice that we are no longer running and then jumping onto the board, we have upgraded to the new model and are now simulating the real deal :) go us! I have always wanted to go in a rocket ship simulator :) To add to it I went hillbilly style and used hay bales! score :) I raised it a bit more than 6" since the hay bales were the best I could find and they don't really come custom ordered. I figured if it was too much of a jump then I will go on a hunt for a better support, but I don't think that'll be needed :) These are two major changes for one session, but she can handle it!

I started with her closer and she had one good stride, but it wasn't progressing well, so then I tried backing her up more and that wasn't going good either, soooooo then I went to good ole' back chaining :) Voila it worked! Sometimes you just have to kick it old school ;) She did quite well then and we managed to end where we started with being at the top of the board and her having a much better understanding :)

Something tells me she is actually and truly getting this!! Who would of ever thought?!? Not me that's for sure :) But we aren't there yet, so just gunna have to keep plucking away!