Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day has FINALLY arrived!

Today THE Princess turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!! WOOT WOOT PARTAY :)

Yeah..did you think you were going to get away without this post?!?..seriously?? ummm....yeah....not happening!!!

I am not going to..well try not to..turn this into some sappy "a year ago today" stuff ;)
More like AMP is a year old and it totally rocks :) I asked her and she agrees because turning a year old means........drum roll please...bum bum bum bum bum bum....AGILITY equipment :) Heck yes agility world here comes AMP so ya better look out!!!!!

More than just the agility aspect I am still VERY happy to have had her in my life for a year and can't wait for the many many many many many..did i mention...many more years to come :]
It is going to be GGRRRRREEEEAAATTTTT...not that AMP would allow anything less :)
SO as a birthday present we got up SUPA early (alright only 7:30am), but hey that is kinda early for us..ha ha ha and went out and ran with all our fellow homies in the yard and snow! Of course no outing is complete without pictures!!!
AMP likes to RUN...RUN...RUN
"Geesh dude it's my birthday day chill out!"
AMP can you look like somewhat normal?!?
I guess that might be asking too
YAY a somewhat normal picture :) YAY
"seriously mom do you have to take a million pictures?"
"Give me the camera and nobody will get hurt!" haha

I got the glove I got the glove! na na na
Three happy border collies :)
UH AMP what kinda crack concain are you on?
The crack is starting to wear off...

And just for you can't say i didn't warn ya...there is going to be hopefully LOTS of new training adventure updates to come :) Permitting that technology is on my side along with time...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sadness ;(

We have a sad Doodle Bear on our hands!!!!

I think that Ms. AMP is coming into season and that is causing her to have diarrhea and an upset tummy...I am not sure since I have not kept a bitch intacted long enough to find out what they go through much less I am sure all react differently. From what I have herd over the years some females shed or start checking there butt or get slutty (sorry lack of a better word) ect.. I was just thinking the other day that there was a lot of hair in the bottom of her kennel for winter time, but not real sure that is it. Then the past 2 day she has soiled in her kennel (sorry I hate the word poop..blek) when I have come home from school. This has been an issue with her for awhile but it is always if there is a blanket in the kennel and not diarrhea :( I have gone through my head the last couple days thinking if she has digested ANYTHING that could bring an upset tummy on and I can't think of a darn thing!! Then tonight when I came home and was cleaning up I noticed some red dots spread across the crate pan?!? hmmm...right away I panicked thinking "AHHH blood in her stools!" but it wasn't in it, it was spread out plus of all times over the holiday :(
okay enough rambling..I am just hoping that it is her coming into season!! Poor girl right before her birthday in 3 DAYS!!! But the party will still go on :)

Please hope for good thoughts for the LuBear :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She's Everything...

AMP is!!!!

I know I have posted about how much I love her before on here, but I just can't get over how much I REALLY completely and utterly LOVE this dog! There is no dog at this point in my life that could replace her! I am sure that it could change, but boy would there be some big shoes to follow in!

No matter the mood I am in I come home and she just completes my day! She nows how to make me smile, laugh, angry, and wonder but I wouldn't ask for anything else :)

I am so happy I got my last minute girl almost a year ago coming up! We have had SO many memories already I just cannot wait for the more to follow! She hasn't started any agility equipment yet since I am sticking to my guns about not until she is a year old and growth plates checked, but we have done TONS and TONS of foundation skills that I think it is going to make training the equipment a breeze =) Tonight she did a sorta aka baby dog sequence with two uprights and a tunnel and she just plain old ROCKED! I know lots of bragging about my dog, but hey it's my blog and I think she is cool! which btw she really is!
It is hard for me to believe that I almost missed a chance at this girl too. I was lined up on a different litter for a long time and the female just wouldn't come into season. Then a friend told me about a litter she has seen awhile back, but forgot to tell me about. When she reminded me there were 2 weeks old and I thought for sure the litter would be sold. Much to my surprise though the little girl I wanted was still available :) It brought new meaning to some things are just meant to be. Granted she isn't from huge herding lines like I had wanted, but she is so nice I could care less about that right now! I know someday I will get the herding lines that I have always wanted, since I already have a few lines lined up! I am not the least disappointed in this little lady though!
She is a little 18.5 inch fire cracker that is going to be fun to run!!! Shut up hold on and sit down..or run fast...HAHA!