Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's coming along ;)

As you know AMP has started her BIG dog agility :) :) It is coming along wonderful :) :)

I am very happy with how she is working! Definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with!!

Tonight she really blew me away though...only her 2nd session of doing a running plank (12' board flat on the ground) she hit it 100% :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I know it is only the plank on the ground, BUT still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she is going to have a brought future in the running contact world which thrills me to no end!

We have also started our teeter...and i finally decided that i was going to try the 4 on teeter approach. I am not really doing it because i think it is faster by any means..it could be i guess..but ultimately i don't think that it is going to be the sole winning ticket. I am more doing to try something new! Rather than the same old same old 2o2o! My goal at the end is for a slide down the end and into a down position, but we shall see nothing is set in stone!!!

Her table is still going very well ;) L-O-V-E her auto down! It is the BEST!

The jumping is slowly coming along. We had a wee little hiccup at the beginning that we are trying to work through, but it is coming along well :) Just going to be a bit of a longer process than I originally expected. It's alright though!!

Otherwise we haven't started much of anything else. Just trying to take it slow and keep it simple. Going with the philosophy "Don't move on until you like what you got"

Every time we train though it is a BLAST :) Love my wittle Lulu Blueberry Munch a Crunch Doodle pants...(yeah she has a million nicknames..it's what sets the cool princess apart from the ordinary)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Girls Gotta Love Like Woe"

That has nothing to do with this post, but I like that song...anyway....

Always being a little busy bee THE princess is! We've been busy doing tricks and staying in shape (she does better at the in shape thing then I) along with building on our agility abilities.

Last week we started to learned serpentine's (including me) haha. I am already coming to the realization that 1) AMP and Jinx are two very different doggies and are going to have to be run very differently 2) I am A-okay with that and think it will be a fun challenge, plus people i am sure will get a kick out of it since i will be laughing myself when I screw up at first (I like a good laugh) 3) I,Kaitlyn should really RUN..let me repeat RUN! instead of sitting and watching the pretty little border collie come towards me and then say oh $*&#@ here she comes! (by the way she may be small but the girl can pack a punch right in the stomach :(

Then we brushed up on our tricks which I realized I never took a video of so decided to do so. FYI no laughing at the pajamas, hair, or anything else...it was Saturday of a snow storm sitting around all day in my pajamas was in order and showering...well that's a lot of work...lol...jk....ewww..gross..that's not for me! sound

Then since agility at the barn was just NOT possible with a snow storm and freezing weather we moved to the small,cramped, tight, warm, and again small basement to do some table and tunnel work. It wasn't too bad although it made traction a little hard for the Doodle, but we managed. Since I took off the sound AMP has an automatic down on the table. So no lay down command or anything just on the table and ploop down she should go which she is very good about and I love (will teach this for now on)...However we will be working on me moving my position while she is on the table because she wants to follow me rather than hold her down. Silly LuLu Pants.

Lastly we did ball work and this is mainly for AMP's breeder to see it because she wants to start training her dogs to do it too :) AMP didn't object though since it is her favorite thing to do. I have to hide the peanut otherwise she will try to go on it while unattended :( which is no good for the little Blueberry girl.

Speaking of the LITTLE girl...I now am looking back thinking what in the heck were you so worried about Kaitlyn?!? For some reason I thought that she was going to be like the incredible hulk or something or monster puppy..haha..she is a whole wopping 18.5 maybe 18.75 inches tall...silly little peanut which is fine by me ;) I will have no worries with her being in the 22" jump height which is exactly what I wanted :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I present to you....

(insert Rocky music)...dun...dun dun....dun..dun dun dun....

The first of many totally awesome, coolest videos on the planet, and cheap entertainment with a kick @$$ cast and awesome never before seen footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMP's training videos (a.k.a the start of big dog agility for THE princess)

That's right you all know you LO LO LO-VE it :) and even if you don't you should at least pretend..lol

Technology wasn't too grumpy last night so i managed to get a video of AMP's first night of training completed! it is quite A-mazing actually!

Not to brag or anything, but i have to say it is pretty dang good, but you can judge for yourself afterward *cough* *cough* i'm sure you'll agree :)

We only did basics last night since well as you can see i am bundled up like the Michellen women and can hardly move and i wanted to make sure some key points were established and made sure of before we jump in! (oh i and i will admit i forgot to watch a video i wanted to work with AMP on that stuff so we couldn't do it..BAD OWNER..and that i am lazy and had 3 other dogs to work--but hey in my defense it is a lot of running okay?!)

SO here you have it enjoy this GREAT video! You know you will be coming back for more....