Friday, October 28, 2011

Conquering the obstacles :)

AMP can WEAVEEEEE :) YAY! It isn't yet perfected, but she has got the basics down to be a weaving maniac!

Right now I am only working on the one side and just doing more straight on entries until I feel she is comfortable and fully understanding of her job :) Right now she is still working on getting her footwork down and being able to speed up without it being too much that she ends up popping out. Once she is more consistent there then we will add the other side and start working around the clock angles :) I know it's the weird way of doing it, but hey it worked for Jinx ;) So here is a video on her doing her thang :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Britches power

Just in time AMP came into season about a week after nationals..phew! Glad I didn't have to deal with that until after nationals :)

Sadly- don't let AMP know- but this means she is done trial for the rest of this year and possible not the beginning of next year :( bummer. Probably going to be getting her spayed this December/ early January. At one point I was really kind of bummed that I was going to have to get her spayed. She has been quite an amazing dog. She has got a great work ethic, very smart, and a pretty well rounded personality. I truly, as you all know, adore this dog. It will be hard to get my next dog since I love her so much and would like to just clone her. Gotta embrace the new adventures though. right? There are definitely a couple males out there that I thought would be really cool to breed her to, but then there is this. The coming into season 2 times a year, which in return equals not trialing for at least a solid 3 weeks :/ ugh! I mean if I had to keep her intact then fine, but for AMP it really isn't worth it and she is a spay contract. So thank you annoying mother nature of coming into season for showing me I really am happy about having to spay her ;)

Nice thing about this time is at least she doesn't seem to be as mooshy, still her same old bitchy self :)

I figured since we haven't seen many AMPie pictures I would share some with you all :)

" Introducing Super britches :) "
"LMAO" See why I love her??
"Iz so happiez! I getz too wearz bwritches"
"do you see them? Aren't they cute?"
"ifocus on the ball"