Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's coming along ;)

As you know AMP has started her BIG dog agility :) :) It is coming along wonderful :) :)

I am very happy with how she is working! Definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with!!

Tonight she really blew me away though...only her 2nd session of doing a running plank (12' board flat on the ground) she hit it 100% :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I know it is only the plank on the ground, BUT still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she is going to have a brought future in the running contact world which thrills me to no end!

We have also started our teeter...and i finally decided that i was going to try the 4 on teeter approach. I am not really doing it because i think it is faster by any means..it could be i guess..but ultimately i don't think that it is going to be the sole winning ticket. I am more doing to try something new! Rather than the same old same old 2o2o! My goal at the end is for a slide down the end and into a down position, but we shall see nothing is set in stone!!!

Her table is still going very well ;) L-O-V-E her auto down! It is the BEST!

The jumping is slowly coming along. We had a wee little hiccup at the beginning that we are trying to work through, but it is coming along well :) Just going to be a bit of a longer process than I originally expected. It's alright though!!

Otherwise we haven't started much of anything else. Just trying to take it slow and keep it simple. Going with the philosophy "Don't move on until you like what you got"

Every time we train though it is a BLAST :) Love my wittle Lulu Blueberry Munch a Crunch Doodle pants...(yeah she has a million nicknames..it's what sets the cool princess apart from the ordinary)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Girls Gotta Love Like Woe"

That has nothing to do with this post, but I like that song...anyway....

Always being a little busy bee THE princess is! We've been busy doing tricks and staying in shape (she does better at the in shape thing then I) along with building on our agility abilities.

Last week we started to learned serpentine's (including me) haha. I am already coming to the realization that 1) AMP and Jinx are two very different doggies and are going to have to be run very differently 2) I am A-okay with that and think it will be a fun challenge, plus people i am sure will get a kick out of it since i will be laughing myself when I screw up at first (I like a good laugh) 3) I,Kaitlyn should really RUN..let me repeat RUN! instead of sitting and watching the pretty little border collie come towards me and then say oh $*&#@ here she comes! (by the way she may be small but the girl can pack a punch right in the stomach :(

Then we brushed up on our tricks which I realized I never took a video of so decided to do so. FYI no laughing at the pajamas, hair, or anything else...it was Saturday of a snow storm sitting around all day in my pajamas was in order and showering...well that's a lot of work...lol...jk....ewww..gross..that's not for me! sound

Then since agility at the barn was just NOT possible with a snow storm and freezing weather we moved to the small,cramped, tight, warm, and again small basement to do some table and tunnel work. It wasn't too bad although it made traction a little hard for the Doodle, but we managed. Since I took off the sound AMP has an automatic down on the table. So no lay down command or anything just on the table and ploop down she should go which she is very good about and I love (will teach this for now on)...However we will be working on me moving my position while she is on the table because she wants to follow me rather than hold her down. Silly LuLu Pants.

Lastly we did ball work and this is mainly for AMP's breeder to see it because she wants to start training her dogs to do it too :) AMP didn't object though since it is her favorite thing to do. I have to hide the peanut otherwise she will try to go on it while unattended :( which is no good for the little Blueberry girl.

Speaking of the LITTLE girl...I now am looking back thinking what in the heck were you so worried about Kaitlyn?!? For some reason I thought that she was going to be like the incredible hulk or something or monster puppy..haha..she is a whole wopping 18.5 maybe 18.75 inches tall...silly little peanut which is fine by me ;) I will have no worries with her being in the 22" jump height which is exactly what I wanted :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I present to you....

(insert Rocky music)...dun...dun dun....dun..dun dun dun....

The first of many totally awesome, coolest videos on the planet, and cheap entertainment with a kick @$$ cast and awesome never before seen footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMP's training videos (a.k.a the start of big dog agility for THE princess)

That's right you all know you LO LO LO-VE it :) and even if you don't you should at least pretend..lol

Technology wasn't too grumpy last night so i managed to get a video of AMP's first night of training completed! it is quite A-mazing actually!

Not to brag or anything, but i have to say it is pretty dang good, but you can judge for yourself afterward *cough* *cough* i'm sure you'll agree :)

We only did basics last night since well as you can see i am bundled up like the Michellen women and can hardly move and i wanted to make sure some key points were established and made sure of before we jump in! (oh i and i will admit i forgot to watch a video i wanted to work with AMP on that stuff so we couldn't do it..BAD OWNER..and that i am lazy and had 3 other dogs to work--but hey in my defense it is a lot of running okay?!)

SO here you have it enjoy this GREAT video! You know you will be coming back for more....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day has FINALLY arrived!

Today THE Princess turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!! WOOT WOOT PARTAY :)

Yeah..did you think you were going to get away without this post?!?..seriously?? ummm....yeah....not happening!!!

I am not going to..well try not to..turn this into some sappy "a year ago today" stuff ;)
More like AMP is a year old and it totally rocks :) I asked her and she agrees because turning a year old means........drum roll please...bum bum bum bum bum bum....AGILITY equipment :) Heck yes agility world here comes AMP so ya better look out!!!!!

More than just the agility aspect I am still VERY happy to have had her in my life for a year and can't wait for the many many many many many..did i mention...many more years to come :]
It is going to be GGRRRRREEEEAAATTTTT...not that AMP would allow anything less :)
SO as a birthday present we got up SUPA early (alright only 7:30am), but hey that is kinda early for us..ha ha ha and went out and ran with all our fellow homies in the yard and snow! Of course no outing is complete without pictures!!!
AMP likes to RUN...RUN...RUN
"Geesh dude it's my birthday day chill out!"
AMP can you look like somewhat normal?!?
I guess that might be asking too much...lol
YAY a somewhat normal picture :) YAY
"seriously mom do you have to take a million pictures?"
"Give me the camera and nobody will get hurt!" haha

I got the glove I got the glove! na na na
Three happy border collies :)
UH AMP what kinda crack concain are you on?
The crack is starting to wear off...

And just for pre-warning..so you can't say i didn't warn ya...there is going to be hopefully LOTS of new training adventure updates to come :) Permitting that technology is on my side along with time...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sadness ;(

We have a sad Doodle Bear on our hands!!!!

I think that Ms. AMP is coming into season and that is causing her to have diarrhea and an upset tummy...I am not sure since I have not kept a bitch intacted long enough to find out what they go through much less I am sure all react differently. From what I have herd over the years some females shed or start checking there butt or get slutty (sorry lack of a better word) ect.. I was just thinking the other day that there was a lot of hair in the bottom of her kennel for winter time, but not real sure that is it. Then the past 2 day she has soiled in her kennel (sorry I hate the word poop..blek) when I have come home from school. This has been an issue with her for awhile but it is always if there is a blanket in the kennel and not diarrhea :( I have gone through my head the last couple days thinking if she has digested ANYTHING that could bring an upset tummy on and I can't think of a darn thing!! Then tonight when I came home and was cleaning up I noticed some red dots spread across the crate pan?!? hmmm...right away I panicked thinking "AHHH blood in her stools!" but it wasn't in it, it was spread out plus of all times over the holiday :(
okay enough rambling..I am just hoping that it is her coming into season!! Poor girl right before her birthday in 3 DAYS!!! But the party will still go on :)

Please hope for good thoughts for the LuBear :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She's Everything...

AMP is!!!!

I know I have posted about how much I love her before on here, but I just can't get over how much I REALLY completely and utterly LOVE this dog! There is no dog at this point in my life that could replace her! I am sure that it could change, but boy would there be some big shoes to follow in!

No matter the mood I am in I come home and she just completes my day! She nows how to make me smile, laugh, angry, and wonder but I wouldn't ask for anything else :)

I am so happy I got my last minute girl almost a year ago coming up! We have had SO many memories already I just cannot wait for the more to follow! She hasn't started any agility equipment yet since I am sticking to my guns about not until she is a year old and growth plates checked, but we have done TONS and TONS of foundation skills that I think it is going to make training the equipment a breeze =) Tonight she did a sorta aka baby dog sequence with two uprights and a tunnel and she just plain old ROCKED! I know lots of bragging about my dog, but hey it's my blog and I think she is cool! which btw she really is!
It is hard for me to believe that I almost missed a chance at this girl too. I was lined up on a different litter for a long time and the female just wouldn't come into season. Then a friend told me about a litter she has seen awhile back, but forgot to tell me about. When she reminded me there were 2 weeks old and I thought for sure the litter would be sold. Much to my surprise though the little girl I wanted was still available :) It brought new meaning to some things are just meant to be. Granted she isn't from huge herding lines like I had wanted, but she is so nice I could care less about that right now! I know someday I will get the herding lines that I have always wanted, since I already have a few lines lined up! I am not the least disappointed in this little lady though!
She is a little 18.5 inch fire cracker that is going to be fun to run!!! Shut up hold on and sit down..or run fast...HAHA!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hurrican in MN..say what?!?!

My mom said something about it being windy but not a darn hurrican! Sheesh. I went to go outside and potty and I darn near blew away =-O yeah and I won't even go into detail about what it is like to potty when you are almost blown over...ridiculous if you ask me!

Awesome thing that comes with wind is leaves...they are so cool they blow across the yard and I chase them around the yard and pounce on them and ohhh oppss that isn't very princess like..I mean I just give the leaves the stink eye and go on with my duties....yeah something like that.

Since Ivan has hit mom says no walks!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what the heck ma put your fricken snow suit on and let me OUT I am bored!!!! We get no morning walks...no evening walks...no table training...NO ANYTHING!!!! What is a girl to do?!?! We sit around the house and then she FINALLY decides that we could do some training. YAY! Well that is all fine and dandy our training consist of tricks and tricks and ball work and tricks...tricks are great love em',but i NEED to run free and wild! So saying that mom gets this crazy/stupid idea.."well i run on the treadmill why can't the dogs?" you know what i say to that "because IT IS FRICKEN SCARY!" i don't get it...it moves on this thing, but your not actually moving and it goes around and around and then if you stop..plop off the end you go like a cliff =O So mom thinks that if she gives me lots of treats i will like it...yeah well okay it is working..i love treats there tasty, BUT i am still not sure about this crazy rigmarole she has going.

So today is day 2 of Ivan and i have a little message for him..."GO AWAY!" yeah it was nice of you to drop in for a visit, but dude you are blowing my house away and i am surprised i am not in Germany by now or something! so adios, bye it was nice seeing you!

Here is to hoping just MAYBE we will get to do SOMETHING!! opa here comes mom better go.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

"We Are Family"

Yesterday AMP finally got to meet her sister,brther, and mom again since she was a puppy! It was SO awesome to get them all together and see how they have grown,changed, and how much different and alike they are =) AMP i know had a blast as well as i did too!

No family reunion is complete with out pictures =)

Okay okay get to the point lady...

AMP doesn't like long car rides..she gets a wee bit grumpy...

Did you say I get to meet my mom and sister?!?Are you lieing to me?
What is that is i hear...

It's my sister!!!!

The three..AMP,Moxie(mom) and Ice(sister)

Moxie..who typically has more hair, but just went through a false pregnancy, so she is lacking a little..


My brother Torque too????

Excuse me i am trying to run here and get that ball!

We had a Cingular moment..AMP,Torque,Moxie, and Ice!

MMM..delicious tongue AMP

Ice with her big tongue and crazy ears..

Torque looking at his mom wondering why she is interrupting his herding..lol
Then there are family pictures =) Which out of 15 we got a good one YAY!!
Annie and AMP =) **AMP you can tone down the eyes a bit deary..don't always have to look like some one just electrocuted you...tee hee
After all that fun and playing she was pooped..well sorta..notice how her eyes are still slightly open! i swear the girl NEVER sleeps :/

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You know your THE Princess when......

Be prepared for jealousy!!! yes the minute you see this you are going to want to go get your own =)

BUT...as stated before there are certain things that ONLY THE Princess can have...this is what sets her apart from the rest =)

drum roll please..dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum.........................


Yup AMP has her VERY own sign!!! How cool is that?? AMP thinks it is pretty fricken* AWESOME =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

PiCtUrEs =)

I FINALLY got time to take some updated pictures of AMP =) THE princess scheduled her photo shoot and away went..for a little while =/ of course like most things when I find the time there has to just be something wrong....nobody told me that the camera needed fresh batteries..geesh! But i managed to get some photos =)

I cannot believe how grown up she is getting and more adult looking she looks!! In *MY* opinion she is growing into a pretty girl =) I LOVE her lots and there are no words in the world to describe my love for this girl!!!

LOVE her eyes!
notice our especially curly tail..lol

you can't catch me I'm AMPie Lou =)
AMP says free trial toys ROCK!
Practicing our football moves..the Vikings might need us =)

Pretty girl =)
Eyes that will stare a hole through ya =)