Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Total FAIL!

So I have TOTALLY and COMPLETELY failed at posting to this blog..shhh don't tell AMP =(

I have just been SO busy that I have not had the time to do anything!! My life has basically consisted of wake up, go to school, come home, go to work, go to sleep..TADA! BORING! Enough about me this isn't my blog =) =)

AMP and I still have been continuing on our training adventure =) ALWAYS trying to learn new things and keep refreshed on the old. I have started working AMP on the table a real little bit! Probably about once a month maybe twice. It is only like 4inches off the ground too so not a lot of effort or ware and tare done! She is doing an AWESOME job with it too! I am teaching her an automatic down since AKC has changed their rules to no position and USDAA is always a down might as well train the one I have to do =) AMP has clearly no problem with that! I also have done a couple tunnels with her here and there! She of course LOVES LOVES them =) Otherwise we have just been keeping up our startlines, lefts and rights, and doing some circle work with front crosses and lead out stuff...no other equipment training! Which leads me to.............

AMP is 10 months old TODAY!!! I can seriously not believe it =O It has been such a FUN ride and journey already I just can't wait for what is still to come! So 2 more months and she will get her growth plates X-rayed and then if they come back good to go we will start our agility equipment training..WOO HOO! I am really looking forward to it! I have some great ideas and great help from friends to get certain skillz =) Should be a blast..of course what isn't when AMP is involved ;)

I also signed her up for a Silvia Trkman seminar. Unfortunately Jinx got in for a working spot and AMP did not =( I am only 2nd on the waiting list so there is still a HIGH possibility that she could get in! I am REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping she can get in! it would be such a good start to her running contact training! That way i can talk to Silvia and show her what AMP is doing and she can give me first hand information for any problems i am having or she notices. I am going to just keep crossing my fingers!

I am hoping to get a video put together of ALL the things that she has learned and is learning by her first birthday so we will see if i can manage to get that done..technology has not been my friend these days! I am also going to try and get updated pictures since I realized i have not in a REALLY long time =( =( Also going to try and be a better blogger...lol
"Good Bye Friends!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Big things come in small packages"

Yup that is AMP =)

Today I measured her at a trial and she came in as a whole wopping 18.5 inches tall..whew what a beastly thing she is! just kidding ;) Okay so that is the small part of the package....

Her attitude and personality is the BIG part =) =) She has the biggest and in *my* opinion best personality in the world. She is goofy, bubbly,crazy,crazy, and oh did I mention crazy..lol She LOVES to watch agility. She is basically convinced that it is the best thing since slice bread especially the barkier and faster the dogs are the better! It doesn't JUST stop at watching though..no no no...she must also sit and watch then squeek,whine, and then comes the leap! Yes she sits and then when it becomes too much she leaps 3 feet in the air and jumps up and down!! Someone could be fooled in thinking that a rocket was inserted in her beehind and started. It is funny, but also gets a little crazy since she twist in her leash, but you don't tell THE princess no, so at last she is allowed to do such things =)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her and wouldn't have her any other way ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oooo Noises

Today while I edited Jinx's running contact video..I got video of AMP being astonished and amazed by the noises that the computer can produce =)

May the video bring you LOTS of laughs...what would I do without her =)

From the Start!

I would like to introduce this blog!

This blog was created for my border collie puppy AMP. She is THE princess and it is ALL about....HER!

SO because of that she said that she needed her very own blog which I agreed to =) (first thing to learn..you NEVER argue with THE princess)

This blog will be all about her, ranging from her everyday life and duties of being THE princess, to her agility training/trialing journey, or anything else that comes about =)

Please come visit often for pictures and updates =)