Thursday, March 31, 2011

One foot infront of another!

We are going just that very thing, left,right, left, right-stepping forward and moving on with the dogwalk training :)

Last night I was suggested by a friend to raise the board a smidge and do what she called the "arm chair training". I was like say what? English please. Just as it sounds basically is, sit in a chair by the board and ANYTHING done on the board YIPPEY :) Simple enough. Since as I stated in the last post about my concern of her just following the toy and not getting the fact that "hey we like running this plank".

The session went GREAT ;) I could tell she definitely was like "Ooo plank=treats". I did lots of rewarding for standing on the board, sitting, laying down, spinning, sniffing, ect basically it was ALL ABOUT THE BOARD ;) (dang stage hog). Then once she clearly liked the board I began experimenting with rolling the treat (thank goodness for round kibble) off the board to simulate her running down the board. I went back and forth a bunch, then threw in just treats for being on the board. She did awesome, so I think this might be going well! Not saying anything official...yet! I even was doing some jump work with her and as I walked over there she started to head for the board in hopes that we were doing that again :D There is definitely some value there at least ;)

Jump work went swell ;) I have been working on rear crosses and wraps. Wraps I am really happy with ;) AMP doesn't like compression, but she definitely can wrap :) Rear crosses are coming along. It usually helps if the trainer is actually good at teaching them and if she actually liked them :/ I don't like rear crosses and I know I decel into them too much, but I am working on it..K? With my lack of skillz AMP is doing well ;) We are still at a low height for the most part, but she turns nice and tight without flinging over landing and then turning! Still practicing her taking the jump if I throw a toy out in front and send her to it, but she is getting better :) all in due time :)

Out agility arena is almost melted which will help TONS! I can actually get out there and work her on more things then just one item here and there :) I think once she gets more pieces put together she will do AWESOME :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another day another A

oh wait no...another day another running plank ;)

Well did another session of running plank with AMP! Not much new I guess! She did stay on the board better :) I am now kinda concerned that she is only doing the plank because of the toy being thrown, since whenever I don't throw the toy right she doesn't go on?!? I am asking my MANY little helpers (elves as I call them) to see what they are have to say :) Love my elves and would be lost without them!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here we go, here we go again....

AMP and I are starting our running dogwalk journey again :)

Started yesterday, but I am just going to try and forget what happened yesterday :/ I think you get the hint why.

Today tried something I hadn't tried for her contacts yet...First used mats before the plank and then instead of having someone hold her, I just held her and threw the ball :) It was a success! Well everything minus my bad throwing :/ lol going to have to try those softball pitching days and bring them back :)

Did two sessions today and I was happy with what I was getting! It can only hopefully get better from here!! Definitely going to stick with this for awhile and not ask for criteria until she is consistently staying on the board.

What I find odd, but good, is that if she stays on the board she hits VERY nice, and if doesn't stay on well, she doesn't go on..I guess that is self explanatory ;)

I am VERY happy and so much happier from lastnight :) Thanks to my good friend Kim for her help ;) and others that I have talked too!!

Finally here is the video....

Monday, March 21, 2011


AMP is a 'real women' now and she does NOT like it!! She came in season last Monday just in time for a trial this past weekend! It was an indoor trial, so AMP had to crate out of the car and could only walk around outside-no getting visit friends :( She wasn't happy with the arrangement that is for sure! I guess it isn't the being in season part just the not getting to be with us that isn't to her liking! Oh well doodle part of life!

Since she came into season I have not really done a whole lot of training with her just because we can't do anything outside and that just leaves the house. Since I have stupid white carpet and AMP HATES the "in season britches" with a passion will probably try and burn them, I couldn't do a whole lot. This afternoon though I decided the bleeding wasn't too bad, so I would do some stuff :D

She was wonderful! Tik/Tok is going really well! I am now using a jump upright rather then a plunger and once she has that down well I will SLOWLY add height to it.

Continued to do some jump wraps and she can easily jump 22" and wrap the jump!! I with wraps I have been hugely rewarding her driving out of the turn fast, since I missed doing that will Jinx. Did some targeting over a jump to a toy at 22" and she has no issue :) I am now starting to add in call to heel over one jump- just started that today and she did perfect at 20" no issues, very confident with it, tight, and no crashing into my leg either :D I do think once she gets the compression stuff mastered she is going to be a fine jumper to be honest. She is pretty light and effortless in her jumping. I even went back and just did some beginning Linda M once jump rewarding and she can go up to 26" without thinking twice :) Of course that is no speed, no movement from me, jut jumping, but still great from her start!! Now I have to start working the rear cross stuff :/ For those of you who know me...I basically avoid rear crosses at ALL costs! Just don't like them. SO...they are hard for me to teach and AMP is a lot quicker with body language and ques than Jinx, so it is going to be interesting figuring out my timing!

The teeter when I last did it was going well. I think it may prove to be our biggest challenge at this point since she isn't all that keen on it! She will run to the end nice now, and can do bangs at the end when I hold it about a foot off the ground fairly well, but more concerned what will happen when we starting doing larger drops and stuff like that. She may surprise me- like she is known to do :)

Table and tunnels are no issue- well as long as she STAYS on the table and doesn't use it as a trampoline..hee hee!

Spring I think just might be coming :D :D This means I can hopefully start working her running plank work :) HORRAY! I am VERY VERY excited :) In the weeks to come I am going to start working on plank, serps, and threadles-aka handling challenges- and maybe even some weave poles..oooo exciting :)

I think I want to get AMP a power harness too :) they are expensive, but so cool! Made me laugh when I looked at the sizing and AMP can fit in a size Mini..haha...a border collie in a mini? What a goof :)

pretty much a whole post about nothing much, but it will get more exciting :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

She did it!!!!!! :)

AMP did 3 jumps in a row without being babysat at 16" :) :) :) :) :) :)

If you had realized already I am VERY happy!!!!!

Granted they were like 12 feet apart, but she still did them which lets me know it was the compression worrying her and NOT the jumping itself! I MUCH prefer it this way, I can take care of the compression thing, but totally scared of jumping that is harder.

For now just to get her comfortable with jumping I will do very little compression if any at all. Going to stick to handling skills that are a bit more spacey!

Her teeter is also coming together nicely getting a super drive to the end and the end behavior is coming along ;) Spring I am hopeful will come soon, so that we can start hitting the training harder and make more progress!

Her Tik/Tok is going good too! have not been working it all that much, which is bad of me, but those darn tricks are just so much more fun ;)

The table is nice :) Well when she doesn't go sliding off of it that is..hee hee! have a good auto down! LOVE me some automatic down!!

Possibly going to a fun run on Saturday and having AMP in it to just practice tunnels, table, and start lines, maybe add in teeter bang and a jump. Excited for that and to see how she will do ;) I am not worried since she is a focused little girl and is good with new places ;) Going to try and get video of that to update ;)

Basically nothing to exciting at this point!!

Here she is with her last weekend with her daddy Logic running like the wind ;) They are SO much alike when I see Logic I see AMP ;) Definitely not a disappointment either!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little upate

Haven't updated for awhile, so I thought I would fill ya in on what is goin on with THE Princess!

We haven't really been touching on any agility equipment unfortunetly :( with the weather it has just gotten too hard to train and not enough time! It really is a bummer that I can't get her on more equipment because she is now old enough and it isn't available. Nothing I can do though so we just wait and hope for Spring to come soon!

With being inside more like confined there we do tricks...LOTS of tricks :) which is fine by me I REALLY enjoy them! By trying to add a few more & touching up and advancing others :)

The Tik/Tok turns are going well and Silvia agreed that it looked like a good start just need to do a bit more tightening uo and get an actual cone the plunger just isn't working anymore :/ sorry Plung.

I am also setting out on my first adventure to train obedience to a Typically I don't get into the obedience stuff, but decided why not? Just more tricks :) right now we are still working on the "side" position. It is taking us awhile since High Speed doesn't find stopping all that exciting..hee hee Otherwise she is fairly well with it :)

We are headed to Iowa this weekend for a show, no AMP isn't running, where she will get to see her daddy and brother :) looking forward to it and will be sure to get pictures!

Be sure to cross your fingers for the snow to melt FAST!!

Here is AMP thinking she belongs on the table :/ naughty brat....