Thursday, February 24, 2011

Like clock work :)

I have been doing Silvia's Cik/Cap work with AMP. I was not sure if I would like it, but I really like how it is going so far. We will see what the final products is, but I am told it is the key or at least help to be tighter :) If not it is something new to train!! This is just the start of the process and we will be here for awhile :)

I left the sound on so you could hear what I am telling her :)

LOVE this littler girl! Sometimes I wonder if int he dictionary behind crazy it says AMP...hee hee

Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you rap?!?

oh I meant WRAP!!

Well AMP can! She has decided that jumping really isn't something to be that scared of and can wrap a 20" jump (very nicely if I do say so myself)! I am ATTEMPTING to name it with a command after we learned this as Silvia's seminar along with her Cik/Cap philosophy although mine with be Tik and Tok! I am not sure this will be beneficial may just be a lot of words that I can get confused and annoy the crap out of my we shall see!

So far so good! THE princess has got Tik and Tok down pretty good going around a plunger :D yes a plunger, hey it was all I had! I will slowly start applying it to jumps once my personal dictionary educates me a bit more on the concept of it as I am special and a little confused :/

Oh and we are getting the teeter mastered too :D Got a VERY good run to the end, just have to decide when and how to move on now! Oh the joys of foundation training..the options are endless...

Monday, February 14, 2011

loosening up :)

or just lazy depending on how you look at it :)

While doing start line practice with AMP the other day I had an epiphany (thank god for spell check I couldn't spell that word to save my soul)! What it was, is that I have really gotten less controlling about my training and "rules" in training. Not in just the beginning, but all around :D I have let my controlling behavior get pushed aside, to allow things to sometimes be what they are going to be or not be.

The place I see it the most is with AMP because I am just starting with her. Perfect example was yesterday...AMP has decided that we should no longer wait..Ha Ha Ha AMP you are so funny! She believes that waiting is a HUGE F*ing waste of time and who the heck wants to sit when you could scooch OR as soon as your mom turns her back run up so you are now right next to her..EVIL..but love her :) If this would of happened when I started Jinx I have no doubt that I would of gotten frustrated MADE him wait and in return would of annoyed him and turned a simple start line into something he didn't like :/ well would you look at that IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I FRICKEN DID!! This is why Jinx doesn't have a start line and if he does feel generous to give me a little bit the start line definitely isn't something to write home about. So what will I do about AMP's? no a darn thing! I really don't care I am more concerned right now that she is having fun and WANTS to play the game...if waiting is too much for her then fine..scooch your heart away honey!

This isn't the only thing...I am going SOO much slower with her I to be perfectly honest probably don't do half the agility exercises that I could or should, instead we do tricks :) We love our tricks and I just let her be a dog!
See I can sit pwety :)

If her start line isn't perfect, weave poles aren't fast enough, jumping isn't the perfect style, or she can't have a sliding it really the end of the world? gosh no! Letting her do what she likes and is comfortable with is what is going to allow her to be the most comfortable out on the course and in the end she will be the fasts that way!

This is the same case with Jinx and he LOVES it :D and I LOVE seeing that!
Bye Bye :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


I just can't decided what to do with AMP's running dogwalk training :/ :( :) :? :s <----here are the few emotions I am having currently!

It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that it isn't working! Granted I have not tried it for awhile because of time ect ect but the last time we tried it was going fine and I *think* it will continue to go fine, the problem is SPACE!

With MN winter crap we are stuck to the indoors :( As much as I wish I had LOTS of money and could have a huge house that I was able to do it in that is not the case! Nor does my dad like the idea of taking his heated shed and turning it into a dog training center...not sure what the issue there is but....dang :( That leaves me with, what I have...

yes the board fits in the basement and stuff, so HORRAY to that, but it doesn't leave enough starting room or enough toy throwing room one way or the other, something has to be cut short :( I don't want to cut it short I want to do it CORRECT the FIRST time :) or my best attempt at correct anyway :)

That leaves me with the decision do I hold off wait until Spring when this ishy white stuff goes away and really work it then and hard OR do I try and start now, just little here and there, but kinda crunch it?? The world is full of SO many decisions!

All I know is no matter what when I build my first house I WILL have a barn no doubt! Whether I have to have it as my house be it...I am having a barn, heated, and with turf..ok I would settle for dirt too..but the barn with heat is the main aspect :D So come on biomedical engineering degree that is going to take me like a bagillion years of college (alright only 8) to get, but making 6 figures a year will pay for it all right??!

One can only hope :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There is a story...

About a dog named AMPie
She is crazy and runs around like a bunny
we practice running dogwalks because were bored
thanks to Silvia they are getting better
It was a bit scary when we started
Her mom was lost and a little unsure
But now we get them a little better
Were making progress thank goodness :)

Alright poems were never really my thing if you couldn't get that :/ But that is kinda of our story of running contacts :)

Finding Silvia's site and being able to have her answer my questions has been seriously a life saver! Then when we attended the running contact seminar yesterday I learned a bit more :) The BIGGEST thing I realized and then thing that was really setting me back was that I was WAY to I was asking for SO much it was kinda silly now that I think about it. I basically thinking that I had to get where all four feet her in the yellow or front feet at least. That really isn't the case after watching some people start yesterday at the beginning there were certain times that Silvia said she would still reward and I would of never rewarded that!! She mentioned that in the beginning it has to be rewarding and if you aren't getting enough good ones you are not having enough tries to reinforce for them to understand what you are looking for. makes complete sense :) Silvia even said that she prefers that if they hit with only there back feet in the yellow and their hind feet are not together and staggered that is still good :D YAY something a bit easier to look for and understand. She really stressed the hind feet being staggered which makes sense.

Other thing is experiment! Don't be afraid to try things and see what will work and can get you what you are looking for! Which again is right...dogs are not robots and don't function the same way-what works for one will not always work for the other! such a simply concept yet so easily forgotten.

I of course learned more then just this, but these some things that really stuck out for me. it was also really nice since I did get to talk to Silvia for a bit one on one. I had AMP out and she came up to me and asked about how her contacts were going :) SO contain my want to bombard her with like a gazillion questions I just kinda explained what I was doing and to see what she thought about that. At this point it basically sounds like I am a little stuck because I don't have a lot of space and can't use a full board which doesn't really able me to raise it up :/ f*ing winter :( But it might be okay since I can just really get AMP'D focused on running the board well and being okay with that :)

It isn't going to be a speedy process, but that's okay there is really no rush at all :)