Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hurrican in MN..say what?!?!

My mom said something about it being windy but not a darn hurrican! Sheesh. I went to go outside and potty and I darn near blew away =-O yeah and I won't even go into detail about what it is like to potty when you are almost blown over...ridiculous if you ask me!

Awesome thing that comes with wind is leaves...they are so cool they blow across the yard and I chase them around the yard and pounce on them and ohhh oppss that isn't very princess like..I mean I just give the leaves the stink eye and go on with my duties....yeah something like that.

Since Ivan has hit mom says no walks!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what the heck ma put your fricken snow suit on and let me OUT I am bored!!!! We get no morning walks...no evening walks...no table training...NO ANYTHING!!!! What is a girl to do?!?! We sit around the house and then she FINALLY decides that we could do some training. YAY! Well that is all fine and dandy our training consist of tricks and tricks and ball work and tricks...tricks are great love em',but i NEED to run free and wild! So saying that mom gets this crazy/stupid idea.."well i run on the treadmill why can't the dogs?" you know what i say to that "because IT IS FRICKEN SCARY!" i don't get it...it moves on this thing, but your not actually moving and it goes around and around and then if you stop..plop off the end you go like a cliff =O So mom thinks that if she gives me lots of treats i will like it...yeah well okay it is working..i love treats there tasty, BUT i am still not sure about this crazy rigmarole she has going.

So today is day 2 of Ivan and i have a little message for him..."GO AWAY!" yeah it was nice of you to drop in for a visit, but dude you are blowing my house away and i am surprised i am not in Germany by now or something! so adios, bye it was nice seeing you!

Here is to hoping just MAYBE we will get to do SOMETHING!! opa here comes mom better go.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

"We Are Family"

Yesterday AMP finally got to meet her sister,brther, and mom again since she was a puppy! It was SO awesome to get them all together and see how they have grown,changed, and how much different and alike they are =) AMP i know had a blast as well as i did too!

No family reunion is complete with out pictures =)

Okay okay get to the point lady...

AMP doesn't like long car rides..she gets a wee bit grumpy...

Did you say I get to meet my mom and sister?!?Are you lieing to me?
What is that is i hear...

It's my sister!!!!

The three..AMP,Moxie(mom) and Ice(sister)

Moxie..who typically has more hair, but just went through a false pregnancy, so she is lacking a little..


My brother Torque too????

Excuse me i am trying to run here and get that ball!

We had a Cingular moment..AMP,Torque,Moxie, and Ice!

MMM..delicious tongue AMP

Ice with her big tongue and crazy ears..

Torque looking at his mom wondering why she is interrupting his herding..lol
Then there are family pictures =) Which out of 15 we got a good one YAY!!
Annie and AMP =) **AMP you can tone down the eyes a bit deary..don't always have to look like some one just electrocuted you...tee hee
After all that fun and playing she was pooped..well sorta..notice how her eyes are still slightly open! i swear the girl NEVER sleeps :/

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You know your THE Princess when......

Be prepared for jealousy!!! yes the minute you see this you are going to want to go get your own =)

BUT...as stated before there are certain things that ONLY THE Princess can have...this is what sets her apart from the rest =)

drum roll please..dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum.........................


Yup AMP has her VERY own sign!!! How cool is that?? AMP thinks it is pretty fricken* AWESOME =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

PiCtUrEs =)

I FINALLY got time to take some updated pictures of AMP =) THE princess scheduled her photo shoot and away went..for a little while =/ of course like most things when I find the time there has to just be something wrong....nobody told me that the camera needed fresh batteries..geesh! But i managed to get some photos =)

I cannot believe how grown up she is getting and more adult looking she looks!! In *MY* opinion she is growing into a pretty girl =) I LOVE her lots and there are no words in the world to describe my love for this girl!!!

LOVE her eyes!
notice our especially curly tail..lol

you can't catch me I'm AMPie Lou =)
AMP says free trial toys ROCK!
Practicing our football moves..the Vikings might need us =)

Pretty girl =)
Eyes that will stare a hole through ya =)