Saturday, March 24, 2012

Because they made a day for it :)

Puppy Day is here :)

Alright I will admit I had no idea it was today, matter of fact I didn't know there was such a day!

But, how rad would it be if your puppy was born on puppy day?! I think it'd be awesome or cheesy, which ever.

I of course found out about this after seeing the abundance of photos of all the adorable puppies when I quickly took a glance at Facebook. After seeing pictures and going 'awww' a million times and wanting to squish many cute puppy faces through the screen I decided to share my own cute wittle monster face.

I think AMP was the most adorable baby ever. By baby I mean when I first brought her home before the ugly wumpkin stages ;)

All together; 'Awwwwweeeee'

I may have a tiny morsel of a biased side, but we don't need to worry about that. I can't get over how adorable her little eyes were with those pink ears :)

Anyway, She is now much older and still a cute little thing, but with a naughty side as which she uses these very eyes to get her way. Who knew when looking at this picture those sweet eyes would be such a killer?

Ok maybe we did know......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding our instructions manual ;)

Instructions manuals are for dumb dumbs is usually what I think. I see the thing look at the pictures and then chuck it over my shoulder.

Dogs however have no manual. Not one dog works the same way and there isn't a set way to do anything. At least not in stone that is.

There are times when we ourselves don't know what to do anymore. We hit a wall..bang! And then seem to hit it again and again, and again, and againnnnnnnn. That right there folks would be the moment when we seek a little thing called help :)

Help is good and funny enough helpful..tee hee. Who would have thought that? Guess I should of read the manual.

AMP and I have not really hit a wall of great sturdiness, but I feel like I just need advice on what I am missing and possibly over looking. I want someone to set-up something for me and then we run it and then we get the damage afterwards.

Just as I was thinking I would like something like this to go down, like falling from the sky a Tracy Sklenar seminar caught my eye and now we're entered :) I am excited. I have heard nothing but exciting things about her and that she does a wonderful job, so I am sure we will learn a thing or two or A LOT!

Some of the key points I am looking for are:
-My running

These are mainly things that we just aren't clicking on together right now, so they probably are those nasty buggers that I am over seeing what's going down.

The seminar is in June and I keep just counting down the days..tick tick tick.

June, er rephrase, this summer has lots and lots of fun plans ahead :) I can't wait to enjoy them with my crazy girl!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

That'll Happen...

Snow will come and boredom will set in.

You will not know what to do with your life and then all of a sudden you get a wild idea :)

Lets' make a video :D Of what?

AMP doing her tricks!!

I am sure when the circus catches fire of this video they will be calling us up for a job opening...I can just tell ;) Wouldn't that be cool?

Until I saw a clown then I'd have to run away screaming like a barbi and never return :/ Go me!

I forget how many tricks AMP actually does know ;) I actually forget half the tricks unless I really think hard about it! I think it is about time to teach her a new trick, haven't done that for quite awhile.

Hmmm...what to teach?! I will have to get my trick sheet out ( yes I have a sheet of a bagillion tricks you can teach) and see what she doesn't know yet and sounds entertaining!

I have always wanted to teach her to stack things or put away stuff, but typically it results in my getting whapped in the face with an object- nothing sharp at least..whew! If AMP was a human she'd be one that would never be allowed around sharp objects. You's walk into a room and there AMP would be trying to spin a knife on her nose or something, or maybe doing the nastily and disturbing sword swallow...shutter.

For now we are just sticking to these safe and fun tricks :) We will be back another day to show you what else we have come up with.