Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gotch ya!

AMP lives a double life ( just bare with me here )

There is the life of the nice, sweet, and happy AMP :) Yay! It's all rainbow, butterflies, and sunshine. She is like the teacher's pet and the honor student that parents put those, lame, stickers on the back of their cars gloating about how smart their honor student is and what ivy league collegeS they recently got accepted into. *eye roll* BTW those kids are the reason teachers frowned on me..thanks..the not so smart kid.

And then we have the other AMP. This is the one that always is getting into some sort of trouble or doing something that really could possibly be life threatening. Honestly, Her name should have been dare devil, or *cough* *cough* devil *cough* you didn't hear that from me though! On the plus side AMP is up there with the perfect name for her.

While at a show she often is sweet and ropes you in with her puppy dog eyes she brings out, her tail wags, and that oh so inviting sit wagging her tail and stare at you until you just can't resist coming to pet her-- yep ya all it is a complete hoax.... Hmmm Hoax possibly a good dog name... anyway, sureeeeeeeee she loves you all, but really it is just to get you fooled into thinking that she couldn't do anything wrong, gaining your trust until the exact moment when she can turn it against you. She'd be great on NCIS- I might sign her up so she can start working to earn money for her endless amount of injuries she is sure to have in her on the edge life.

People often wonder why I call her the "Beotch" and " naughy Panda" well because she is precisely just that.

new true statement AMP label

I even made a label for her harness so that everyone can be pre-warned before getting into her trans of so called "nice" ;)

Case in point would be like yesterday.

I am training dogs in the basement and it's Jinx's turn. AMP as normal is barking up a storm in her kennel because why should anyone else have a turn besides her?! This is nothing unusual of course. Then all of a sudden she starts squealing and going frantic. I look over in a panic and she has her mouth caught in her wire kennel because she once again ( this is round #2 for this ) was biting at her kennel and her mouth got stuck. Then stupid me starts yelling at her to stop freaking out which probably make it worse ( damn reactions ). Finally she gets her mouth out and I put Cat away and take her out to give her a bath and check her mouth ( don't ask why a bath ) and she shootin' she cracked a bottom right side tooth right in half!

F#(#$(%%_#_)#%$( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I call the vet which I just called about an hour before to re-schedule her spay appointment. She knew who it was right away. I explained she broke her tooth, so bright and early this AM I brought her in to get it most likely removed. I am sure the vet was thinking what in GoD's name do you let your dogs do. Really I do nothing I just own AMP- it's that simple.

So now she sits at the vet to hopefully be able to get spayed, hip x-rayed, and tooth removed. That should be a well learned lesson. I am sure when she comes home, actually I HOPE when she comes home, she will be a cuddly puddle and not an insane animal. Gosh please just be a little calm. Most importantly I am scared to see my battle scares after she has to wear that cone :/ Good bye back of legs, face, and arms, and anything else within reach.

SO there you have it the AMP you all think is sweet and innocent is not so much. I am sure great after vet visit posts will be soon to come.

Now I leave you with a face to remember forever. When you see that sweet face on her this image will always be in the back of your mind ;p

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