Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"A" game!

Sometimes AMP just surprises me. In a good way!

There are times when she does things that I am just totally like "How the hell did you know how to do that?".

I will admit I have sort of been hitting a rut in AMP's training :/ Dang. I train her, but I keep doing the same things I *know* she can do or have already taught her. Why am I wasting my time on that? What a good question.

I decided it was list making time. SO, I first started with a list of skillz I felt that were needed to get through an agility course and be successful and competitive. This means no "jerky" handling "COME! Fido! OUT! Fido NO Fido NO HEEEERRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!" you know those people- not one of them. This also includes efficient turns and nice and reliable contacts/weaves to name a few items.

Then I made a "sub" list of that for of what AMP herself needs more work on ( by self I mean we as a team). After making that list I realized that when going to training and not being able to think of a darn thing I need to work on I was really wasting time.

There are SOO many things I should be working on with her. Not because she is bad or can't do it, it's her performance of it that might not be up to "A" game status. Which I don't expect it to be if I don't actually work on it and train it :)

Good thing is now we have many things we can set-up and work on to keep us busy, busy, busy!!

Yesterday at our lesson she proved that she is a genius though and even if my lack of training is bad she still manages to figure things out. I was truly shocked when at our lesson I did a rear cross in the weave poles 3 times and each one she nailed!!!!


What a smart girl :)

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