Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't tell the Princess...

Well, I kinda forgot about posting the results and news from AMP's last trial...on here :/

I don't think she noticed so I'll just slip this in :)

Since it seems like forever ago I will just say what I can recall!

What I know for certain is that AMP ROCKED!!!!! She was a total genius and had her "big girl britches" on :D Going into a trial with her right now is always an unknown. She's a baby and of course things are going to go up and then going to fall back down- I am okay with this. I enjoy any run we have together.

Yea I am the shit ;)

Saturday ended with a Q in: Steeplechase, starters standard, Starters Pairs, Starters Snooker (SS title), and a Advanced Jumpers (my favorite run)!! I couldn't believe the amazing things she was doing during her runs. I was almost sending her off course as I was busy standing there in awe of her :) Distance as always is going to be our challenge. Truly, I LOVE it that way :) After working with a dog that coming into me is like pulling teeth I enjoy this new challenge.

Challenge is just what AMP likes :)

She is getting better about the distance and I know as time goes on we will have a nice balance :)

It makes me feel kind warm and fuzzy inside knowing that she has one Q towards nationals down AND is able to at least have fun at Regional (both of them)! Sitting in kennels is zero fun!
Being in a kennel is basically jail...

Sunday it just kept getting better!

We came out of the day with Qs in: Starters Standard (one more to be in all Advanced), Advanced Snooker, Starters gamblers (see it's starting to come), and 6th place in Rd2 Steeplechase! Like holy smokes the girls second trial running steeplechase and she makes round 2 and ends up 6th place with a bar even :O How could I not enjoy running this roller coaster of a girl?! I am simply amazed with her :)

My plan is to go the "short route" with her and once she gets all the standard Qs and then aQ in each game I will move her up :) I believe she can handle it without a problem and I don't enjoy nor think it's super fair for the dogs to run them in two different rings. I can't get ooberly focused with both it seems like! Jinx gets the raw end since right now the baby dog takes most of my focus. I'm working on balancing myself ;)

AMP did show though that we need to go back to startline practice world. Oh joy! She was very pushy at the start for most the runs, so I just need to keep reinforcing it and practicing it in high energy environments- we all know AMP is easy to do just that, get AMP'D ;)

See? "You taking a picture of me? Like, ZOMG that's so awesome!" AMP'D always AMP'D

Along with startlines is the world of jumping! Weeeeeee! Everyone I ask says that it's just confidence which I believe them, but it is annoying me. Yay go obsessive personality ;P SO, I will just work on her gaining confidence about jumping no matter where I am. It seems to be the biggest problem when I am sending her or racing far ahead. She isn't being slow or anything she's just putting in more strides than she needs and thinking really hard right now about- we need to get it to be more effortless. No problem we will get 'er down :)

Next to work on is A-frame. Apparently when she goes down the A-frame she is jamming to the cupid shuffle song :/ Like the song, but not a huge fan of it while she is shuffling down the A-frame. Bless her heart she does fast, but just coming over and getting where you need to be is so much more efficient :) I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but after our lesson with J-Hoye it is definitely stemming from her performance over the apex. We need to fly over the apex (she will show you how it looks in the video) and that then leads to awesome-ness the rest of the way down. I am still toying with the idea of training the box method running A-frame this summer to her since that is to her strengths anyway! We'll see.

I ain't flying now apex I am sleeping-sorta!

Besides the video that's all I got! Next trial is, cross your fingers, the end of March for 3 days! Pleaseeeeee Pleaseeeeee Pleaseeeeee let me get in! Otherwise I might cry and we don't wanna see that :/

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