Thursday, February 2, 2012

Somethings done and gone...literally ;)

Schnoodle survived her "big" day and I am still standing as well :)

Double plus...Whew!

Turns out she was able to get tooth pulled, Hip X-rays done, and Spayed! Ok, so I know it seems like a lot, but I think it beats having to put her under two times within a couple weeks to get spayed.

She is doing very good afterwards too, possibly, too well. She came home yesterday and was a little out of it at first, it didn't take long. Not 5 minutes after being home she was already barking in her kennel and ok with jumping around ( of course I didn't let the jumping around happen ).

Crazy enough-- vet's don't read blog posts, so therefore they missed a very informative last post about AMP-- They didn't send a cone home :o yeeeeee-aahhhhh! I kinda wanted to say " are you sure? Like REALLY sure?" They included the assuring disclaimer that I could come back to get one if needed. Thanks at least I know when I come back they won't be totally surprised.

Much to my surprise though she is doing GREAT! She doesn't bother them at all and they look super :) GOOOOOOO little evil dog! It did come back to me in my time of astonishment that she wasn't ever one to be bothered by things on her or sewn in her? I guess.... Like that time when I wanted to teach her a trick and that came to an end when she didn't even notice the tape on her nose, yea not bothered.

I am hoping this holds up through the itchy healing stage too :) Good thoughts please!

Vet believes she will have good or excellent hips! YIPPEY :) Not that I ever really doubted her hips being good, but still a nice re-assurance that they will probably be confirmed so :)

As far as the one less tooth-- Really it'll just be one less tooth that is able to grab my arm, leg, or any other appendage when tugging or mad that she didn't get a weave entry, or ect ect.... Sorry you had to go the hard way tooth, but your one that won't be missed!

And as I was thinking that possibly with her being no longer a 'real women' she would lose a slight bit of her bitchy side she clearly proved today that I am not gunna get of quite that easy! *sigh* oh well I guess once a bitch always a bitch. Besides I would hate to have to make a new harness label for her ;)

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