Thursday, March 1, 2012

That'll Happen...

Snow will come and boredom will set in.

You will not know what to do with your life and then all of a sudden you get a wild idea :)

Lets' make a video :D Of what?

AMP doing her tricks!!

I am sure when the circus catches fire of this video they will be calling us up for a job opening...I can just tell ;) Wouldn't that be cool?

Until I saw a clown then I'd have to run away screaming like a barbi and never return :/ Go me!

I forget how many tricks AMP actually does know ;) I actually forget half the tricks unless I really think hard about it! I think it is about time to teach her a new trick, haven't done that for quite awhile.

Hmmm...what to teach?! I will have to get my trick sheet out ( yes I have a sheet of a bagillion tricks you can teach) and see what she doesn't know yet and sounds entertaining!

I have always wanted to teach her to stack things or put away stuff, but typically it results in my getting whapped in the face with an object- nothing sharp at least..whew! If AMP was a human she'd be one that would never be allowed around sharp objects. You's walk into a room and there AMP would be trying to spin a knife on her nose or something, or maybe doing the nastily and disturbing sword swallow...shutter.

For now we are just sticking to these safe and fun tricks :) We will be back another day to show you what else we have come up with.

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