Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding our instructions manual ;)

Instructions manuals are for dumb dumbs is usually what I think. I see the thing look at the pictures and then chuck it over my shoulder.

Dogs however have no manual. Not one dog works the same way and there isn't a set way to do anything. At least not in stone that is.

There are times when we ourselves don't know what to do anymore. We hit a wall..bang! And then seem to hit it again and again, and again, and againnnnnnnn. That right there folks would be the moment when we seek a little thing called help :)

Help is good and funny enough helpful..tee hee. Who would have thought that? Guess I should of read the manual.

AMP and I have not really hit a wall of great sturdiness, but I feel like I just need advice on what I am missing and possibly over looking. I want someone to set-up something for me and then we run it and then we get the damage afterwards.

Just as I was thinking I would like something like this to go down, like falling from the sky a Tracy Sklenar seminar caught my eye and now we're entered :) I am excited. I have heard nothing but exciting things about her and that she does a wonderful job, so I am sure we will learn a thing or two or A LOT!

Some of the key points I am looking for are:
-My running

These are mainly things that we just aren't clicking on together right now, so they probably are those nasty buggers that I am over seeing what's going down.

The seminar is in June and I keep just counting down the days..tick tick tick.

June, er rephrase, this summer has lots and lots of fun plans ahead :) I can't wait to enjoy them with my crazy girl!


  1. You will like Tracy's seminar I think. I've only audited but I've learned a lot just from doing that and she makes it very fun at the same time.

  2. You will LOVE Tracy. I just got back from another seminar in Iowa and she continues to find ways to help people handling and get timing right with the dogs. She is amazing!!

    1. Awesome :) I have heard nothing but good things of her!