Saturday, March 24, 2012

Because they made a day for it :)

Puppy Day is here :)

Alright I will admit I had no idea it was today, matter of fact I didn't know there was such a day!

But, how rad would it be if your puppy was born on puppy day?! I think it'd be awesome or cheesy, which ever.

I of course found out about this after seeing the abundance of photos of all the adorable puppies when I quickly took a glance at Facebook. After seeing pictures and going 'awww' a million times and wanting to squish many cute puppy faces through the screen I decided to share my own cute wittle monster face.

I think AMP was the most adorable baby ever. By baby I mean when I first brought her home before the ugly wumpkin stages ;)

All together; 'Awwwwweeeee'

I may have a tiny morsel of a biased side, but we don't need to worry about that. I can't get over how adorable her little eyes were with those pink ears :)

Anyway, She is now much older and still a cute little thing, but with a naughty side as which she uses these very eyes to get her way. Who knew when looking at this picture those sweet eyes would be such a killer?

Ok maybe we did know......

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